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What do people do when they have to celebrate a wedding, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a birth of a baby or any special occasion in their life? They celebrate it in style and they try to do it there where they feel at home or where they are treated in a special way. They go to a Michelin star restaurant where chefs have a passion for food, they go to spa’s where beauty specialists have passion for their job, they go to a special venue where artists have a passion for events…..

Buying a home is a very special occasion in people’s lives and perhaps one of the most profound moments. So at that moment you need the advisor with passion in real estate. Passion in the real estate business means that the clients needs have to go before the commission. As with a Michelin chef is the compliment for his food, the beauty specialist the smile for the amazing massage, the artist the applause for their show, is the most important instead of the money they make. It’s their passion that stands before making money.

Buying a property in Spain can be a jungle, but with the right help it doesn’t have to be. Unlike in North Europe, the Spanish housing market is completely open. This means all brokers can sell all properties, which can be tricky if you need to search and compare on the internet and find that real estate agent with the right passion.

Why choose Investo International?

Apart from that it takes an endless amount of time, it’s really challenging to identify the right property. However, if you contact Investo International as a broker, we will help you negotiate and compare properties based on your unique needs and preferences, completely free of charge and in your own language if it is English, French, German or Dutch/Flemish.

We take on a detailed brief of what you want to invest in. We will then find a home that suits you even better than the one you thought you wanted. There is nothing we want more than an honest and open relationship with our clients, because this is how we can give them the property of their dreams. We do not only want to help our clients find a property, but also ensure they are legally supported by lawyers in your language, insured by the best insurance companies and help them with every other part of purchasing a property, so the process is carefree and joyful. Investo International will be with you and provide investment advice from start to finish.

Our position and knowledge of the real estate market on the Costa del Sol gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a wide range of new & off- plan constructions, resales and commercial projects and properties on the beautiful coast of Southern Spain.

About us


Myriam & Luc run their boutique real estate with the real entrepreneurs’ passion and they are a solid team that has been running smoothly and with lots of love and passion for about 18 years. If you like a relaxed and stressless way of finding your property at the Costa del Sol or Miami it will be the right choice to give your trust to them.

Myriam will be happy to assist you with her experience in the million dollar luxury real estate projects at the Costa del Sol and Miami. Myriam’s specialization comes from having received real estate agent training from the famous Million Dollar Listing stars Ryan Serhant and  Josh Flagg. And if you admire the Investo International website or our social media feeds she will have touched it with her flair.

Luc will be happy to help you give an overview of new build projects on the Costa del Sol and as business development manager of Simply Marbella Fund he can tell you all about great hotel, B&B and other international commercial investments.

Curious about us? Just mail, call or WhatsApp and you will be surprised how fast we respond !

Hope to talk to you soon.

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