Who is Luc Mertens

I’m Belgian (53y) and managed my own company with a team of average 20 people for almost 23 years in Belgium.  I was active in the building facility services. After I sold my company to an investment group my wife Myriam and I decided to change careers and work in the real estate industry, mainly focusing on the Costa del Sol.

We decided to start a boutique real estate company together, but after 2 years I noticed that there was a need for professional guidance for investors looking for projects in Andalucia.  In addition to the major international commercial brokers, it was difficult for investors to find good local advisors to guide them through the maze of the complicated Spanish market.

So I specialised in consultancy for all types of investors. 

The challenges that have changed the world since 2020 have also led to new evolutions in the real estate market of the Costa del Sol. This puts the traditional real estate agent model under pressure. Investo International wants to offer an alternative here as a purchase advisor for a specific type of customers.

The network of partners I have build that specialize in matters like legal, accountancy, tax, financials, architecture, promotion, marketing and construction is solid,  extensive and with a proven track record. 

I speak Dutch\Flemish, French, German, English, Spanish


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