Torremolinos is perfect for anyone looking for a well-established expat community, beautiful beaches and easy access to the Costa del Sol’s major attractions.

Visit Torremolinos and you might expect to find packs of party people, forests of high rises and roast dinners any day of the week, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But look a little closer and another side emerges, one where beaches are pristine, beautiful public parks are resplendent with magnolia and banana trees and there are even reminders of its former existence as a fishing village.

With its carefree, happy atmosphere Torremolinos appeals to visitors young and old, straight or gay, all brought here by the plentiful accommodation and infinite entertainments. But ask anyone who lives here all year round and they might point you in the direction of quieter residential areas like El Calvario with its fishermen’s’ cottages and unmissable seafood restaurants. Come with an open mind and look past the reputation and you’ll find a town that has survived the worst excesses of the tourist boom and emerged as something altogether more appealing.


As this busy stretch of the Costa del Sol has developed, Torremolinos has almost turned into an extension of nearby Malaga and merged with its tourism twin, Benalmadena. Despite this, with a permanent population of 70,000 people, it retains a proud and particular character all its own, one that’s characterized as much by its 75% Spanish population as it the crowds drawn here every summer.


There are more than just apartments to be found in Torremolinos (although there are a lot of those). Head to the west side of town and La Carihuela for more traditional Spanish townhouses and villas to suit all budgets and tastes.


Calle San Miguel is the main shopping area, where you can buy everything from fresh fish to the latest fashions. Every type of sport and leisure interest is catered for in Torremolinos, including golf, tennis and water sports. Spend any time here and you’ll soon sniff out the best restaurants where you must try the local speciality pescaíto frito, or fried fish.


Torremolinos has a wide range of health care options including several public health clinics and the Hospital Marítimo. For more specialist care, the University Hospital in Malaga is just a few minutes’ drive and there are many private doctors and dentists to choose from.

Cost of Living

It might be a holiday mecca, but you will still find a very reasonable cost of living in Torremolinos, particularly if you avoid the obvious tourist traps. And with Malaga right next door you will have access to a range of bigger shops and markets in which to find bargains.

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