We will of course try to find your dream home together with you, we take all your wishes and criteria into account.

Legal advice

If you wish and we strongly recommend this, we put you in contact with a law firm with a very good reputation, where they can guide you in your mother language; requesting the necessary documents, assistance with the purchase whereby the check-up of the property is important, but also tax optimization. 
As you probably know in the meantime, the lawyer has a much more important function in Spain than the notary.

Financial advice

Are you a cash buyer or do you want to take out a loan for the purchase of your home under the Spanish sun? In the second case, we can put you in touch with a reliable financing partner who can give you an overview and the most favorable rates from the various Spanish banks. This is always a useful conversation to do in advance of the purchasing process, because you can get a preliminary agreement for a loan, making the search for a property much easier.

Our Fly & Buy program

If you give us the confidence and you decide to purchase your new build property or off-plan property through Investo International, we are very happy to give back our appreciation! (the refund will be made after purchase and in the form of a discount on our commission)

For purchases up to € 500,000 -> € 500

For purchases from € 500,001 to € 1,000,000 -> € 1000

For purchases + € 1,000,001 -> € 1500

You can then apply the amounts yourself for your outward and / or return plane tickets to Malaga and / or your hotel stays. Here too we can advise you.


Did you choose a resale home and does it still need a small or large renovation? We can help you with this too.

Build your own villa

Or do you have a building plot and do you want to have your ultimate dream house built? Investo International is a developer of its own and can display various beautiful houses as a reference that will certainly convince you to consider this step.

Interior design

Ok, you now have your place under the sun but the interior still needs to be decorated? No bad word about Ikea, but would you like something more unique? Ask us about it, we are happy to refer you, we have a solution for every budget.

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