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    For what reason would I like to invest in Spain?

    as an investmentto rent outfor permanent residenceto hibernatefor professional reasonsas a holiday residence, only private useto rent out and for private use

    Have you been on house hunting on the Costa del Sol?


    Do you already have experience with the process of buying or selling in Spain?


    How long have I been looking for a house on the Costa del Sol?

    very recentlysince a few monthsmeanwhile about 1 yearmore than a year

    Do I have a preference for a particular region?

    no preferenceyes, I have a certain preference

    Which location do I prefer for my future Spanish property?

    as close as possible to the coastthe coast at <5 kminlandamidst the mountain landscapenear a golf course

    How do I wish the surroundings of my Spanish home?

    busyslightly less crowded, the standardquietquiet, barely neighbors

    Which type of style is my preference?

    typical spanish (eg with round walls, round windows, arches, ...)Spanish style but with modern touchrural / rustic stylemodernIbiza style (eg white limed walls, sleek, cubist, ...)no preference

    My budget, INCLUDING registration costs AND all other additional costs, fluctuates between;

    In terms of view?

    sea view is extremely importantsea view is nicea beautiful mountain and valley view is also good

    What am I looking for?

    a building plot for later development, with a firm of your choicean off plan homea recently built housea ready-to-move homea house with a few more jobs neededa house with a lot of worka complete renovation project

    The home must have the following minimums

    Is it necessary for me to be able to purchase my home fully furnished?


    Is a swimming pool necessary for me?

    yesnoa communal swimming pool is also good

    As for parking, I think

    a garage is an absolute musta carport is sufficienta place to park on the driveway is sufficienta parking space on the street is sufficient

    How do I want to go to the coast?

    by footby bikeby car

    What sports activities would I and / or my family like to practice?

    swimminghikingbicycleswater sportsplay golfhorse ridingtennis

    Do you have an idea when you come to Spain to explore the region and / or to go on house hunting?



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