Will Malaga become a ‘Miami-style’ marina?

Certainly … At least, the plans exist to address the rising demand of the mega yachts.

Malaga’s rejuvenated port area, now a major leisure attraction, has been hosting an increasing number of private megayachts in recent years, among them some of the largest, most luxurious and famous in the world.

Most of these use Malaga as a base to top up on supplies, drawn by the attractiveness of the city, ease of access, good security and competitive mooring prices. And this is despite the port having no special facilities for these impressive world-beating vessels.

However, all that could soon change and Malaga could be seeing even more megayachts. The port authority, part of the Junta de Andalucía, has announced early plans for a new marina with space for 40 luxury floating boats from 40 to 100 metres long, the length of a full-sized football pitch.

The new facility would be on the Marqués de Guadiaro quay, the stretch of the port next to the dockside shopping centre that runs towards the city centre. It would resemble the huge private yacht marinas of Miami with a gardened protective outer wall.

The Melilla ferry terminal would move to the other side of its current dock to allow more space.

So far, a study of the flow of currents in that part of the dock has been carried out, which has made some recommendations for improvements to ensure the large boats can moor safely.

Port bosses are encouraged by economic data that shows that there are 100,000 private yachts over 40 metres long in the world and another 755 under construction!

Malaga port is seen as an ideal stopping off point before yachts make the crossing to the Caribbean. As yet no detailed design or specification has been drawn up.

The proximity of Malaga’s airport is also seen as a key to the project’s long-term success. A heliport would be built for transfers to the airport as well as Marbella and Puerto Banús.

To be continued ….

Source: Sur

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