Costa del Sol launches video in English to boost spirits among tourism professionals

The video transmits the tourism authority's confidence that the industry will get back on its feet after the crisis, with new initiatives aimed at a fast recovery

While the Costa del Sol’s resorts and hotels sit empty during the coronavirus lockdown, the area’s tourist board, Turismo Costa del Sol, is reassuring the industry that visitors will soon be back..

A video has been launched, first in Spanish and now in English, thanking tourism professionals for their hard work and solidarity in these difficult times. The video also expresses the tourism authority’s gratitude to local residents for staying at home and to the health workers who are looking after everyone. The film comes with a message of hope, showing confidence that the tourists will soon be back when the lockdown period is over.

The president of the Diputación (provincial government) and Turismo Costa del Sol, Francisco Salado, has sent out encouragement to business owners and workers in the tourism industry, urging them to continue working towards a recovery, to be prepared for when the lockdown ends and the industry starts to pick up again.

“Together, public administrations, business owners and workers will be able to get through this unprecedented crisis. The Costa del Sol will also be a benchmark for recovery and we will once again lead the economic development of Andalucía,” he said.


Source: Visit Costa del Sol & Sur in English

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