Buying or selling in times of corona

buying and selling in times of corona stay home
buying and selling in times of corona stay home

Buying or selling in times of corona. Everything you need to know!

On March 14, measures against corona went into effect in Spain. Since then, we have all been trying to control the spread of COVID-19. But life never stops. Many of you are still looking for a home or would like to sell or rent a property. This is still possible, even at the time of corona! In this article we answer all your questions about the consequences of the corona virus on the Spanish real estate market.

Is Investo International still working?

Most real estate agents are still working, but work behind closed doors to avoid physical contact as much as possible. And since our clientele is mainly international, this is currently not possible because Spain has closed its borders.You can certainly reach us by phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype, and video call. We will be happy to assist you with advice.

Are lawyers and notaries still working?

Your lawyer and notary will also remain available, but will work remotely. Did you already make an appointment? Please contact the office and ask if this appointment can still go through.

I want to view a house or new project. Is that possible?

A viewing is considered a non-essential movement and is currently not allowed. So for the time being please use the photos that can be found online and contact us if you want more information about a property. Yet there are homes that you can visit today! You can virtually visit many houses and apartments. You can sniff around from your seat.

I have visited a house before the start of theĀ  measures and want to make an offer. Is that possible? What about the validity of that offer?

Making a bid (via email) is still possible. Remember that a written offer is binding and take into account the suspensive conditions. In these corona times, there are some developers who have adapted the terms to these unusual circumstances. You can also sign a compromise digitally.

Can banks still work out a simulation for my mortgage?

Banks are considered essential services and are therefore still active. So you can contact them to ask for advice or to work out a simulation for your mortgage.
Our prefered finance partner is also working and always ready for a free advice call.

Can I still sell my property on the Costa del Sol with Investo International?

Definitely! You can still put a property up for sale with us. Keep in mind that you cannot invite the prospective buyers / tenants for a viewing.

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