International day against breast cancer

international day against breast cancer - investo international
international day against breast cancer - investo international

Breast cancer awareness in Alhaurin de la Torre

I suppose you are now raising your eyebrows for a moment? What does breast cancer – or health in general – have to do with real estate? Of course nothing in itself, but when you think about emigrating or buying a holiday home in the south of Spain, don’t you think it is important to know that health care is adequate?
I can assure you that Spanish health care is often much better than in other Western countries. We will come back to how Spanish health care works, the difference between public and private care and what to do if you emigrate.
That the Spaniards are really concerned with health, can be seen since yesterday in our “village”.

Alhaurín de la Torre wanted to participate in the celebration of the international day against breast cancer, which is celebrated worldwide on October 19, with the aim of raising public awareness of this disease and supporting the people suffering from it and their family members. To this end, the AECC (Spanish association against cancer) has installed an informative ‘stand’ on San Antonio square through its local administration and colored balloons and ties have been distributed between shops and walkers.

Breast cancer is the most common tumor for Western women and in Spain, according to official statistics, more than 33,000 cases are diagnosed each year.

However, it is also one of the easiest types of cancer to treat if it is detected early. Therefore, all women are recommended to consult their doctor for an early diagnosis of the disease, taking into account that one in eight can get it throughout their lives. Mammography is the most effective technique in this respect because it can be detected up to two years before it can be felt.

Original decoration in  LA CHORISIA

Alhaurin de la Torre would not be Alhaurin de la Torre if they did not hang original decorations for this day in the characteristic chorisia tree or drunken stick on the Fuensanguínea and La Calera roundabout. It is a series of pink umbrellas, the color of the day against breast cancer, placed on the branches to symbolize the public support of Alhaurín de la Torre for this purpose.
What has aroused the curiosity and surprise of neighbors and drivers. Remember that this tree is usually decorated throughout the year to celebrate other important dates, such as the San Juan Fair or Christmas.

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