This week we again received proof that Malaga and with expansion Andalusia is such an attractive area in Europe for international companies to open their base in the EU.

Tech giant Google announced on Thursday that it plans to invest more than $ 650 million (€ 530 million) in Spain over five years, including the installation of a cybersecurity ‘Center of Excellence’, in an old military government building with a space of 2,500 m2, located on Paseo de la Farola in Malaga. The start date has yet to be confirmed.

The state-of-the-art learning center will be the base for 40 engineers from the Virustotal team currently working at the University of Malaga, will include workshops, lectures, training and mentoring on cybersecurity, in addition to research and product development with many other challenges related to the upcoming digital transformation.

According to all Spanish national news outlets, Google said the investment will “strengthen the growth of innovation and prepare our society for a major challenge of digitization, such as cybersecurity”.
Google stated, “Malaga’s choice to host this new Google hub is no accident. This region has a lot of talent, a vibrant start-up ecosystem and incubators and accelerators from companies that have been cultivating the technological fabric for a long time ”.

Google began its partnership with the city of Malaga in 2012, when it acquired VirusTotal, founded by Bernardo Quintero, who has since become one of Google’s top cybersecurity executives worldwide.

Also part of the investment package will be the Madrid branch of the first-ever Google Cloud region in Spain, in partnership with Telefónica, with the connection of an underwater cable connecting Spain to the United States and the UK, to unlock the potential of cloud services with a low latency and high performance.

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